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Reignite Your HR Career through certification

Updated: Jun 14

In the last 6 months, I've received many calls and emails from friends in HR about the value of HR Certifications in turning around careers and sustaining a steady growth.

As this is an important theme for all of us in HR, I thought I should share a few of my own ideas on it. Re-igniting an HR career is a big thread and has enough of a critical mass to demand a series of articles. While I'm planning them, I felt I should start off by thinking aloud and share some first thoughts here.

Thought 1: Irrespective of where we live and want to work, the investment of time and money in an HR certification perhaps will always be good.

Thought 2: If we want to work in a global organization or a large company in emerging nations, HR certifications seem to have become almost decisively important in the last 3-5 years. In developed markets like US almost all the HR professionals have multiple HR Certifications from bodies like HRCI, SHRM and TMI besides their undergrad and Masters qualifications.

Thought 3: If we are in countries like India, Singapore, China and others in Asia, a TMP, STMP or a GTML certification from TMI should work best for us. Additionally, we can think of acquiring PHRi & SPHRi if we have 4-10 years of experience.

Thought 4: If we work in UK, Europe, GCC or other African countries, perhaps a CIPD certification should be combined with one of the Talent Management Certifications, depending on your career level.

Thought 5: If we are into HR or People Strategy consulting, we must ideally have all the above certifications besides of course, a good HR/Management degree.

Keep your thoughts and ideas coming on this. I'll be happy to see them build the articles I'm planning.

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