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Domestic Healthcare Verification

Background verification of domestic healthcare workers is essential for patient safety, trust, compliance with regulations, protection against liability, and maintaining a professional reputation. The goal of this verification is to ensure that the individual is who they claim to be, and provide safe and reliable domestic services. By conducting thorough background checks, clients can ensure that individuals working in healthcare settings have no history of criminal activities, abuse, or negligence, thus protecting vulnerable patients. Verification processes establish trust and credibility, reassuring patients and their families that caregivers are qualified and trustworthy. Compliance with regulations maintains the integrity of the patient care and protects patients' rights. Background checks with Quinfy also help organizations and individuals avoid potential legal liabilities. Under the umbrella of this verification we offer Aadhaar Verification , Educational Verification, Address Verification, Criminal Verification, Professional Reference Check.

Note -

You can additionally choose to carry out the following checks:​

1.   Reference check: This involves contacting previous employers or character references to obtain information about the individual's work habits and reliability.

2.   Drug testing: This may be required to ensure that the domestic help or driver is not under the influence of drugs while working.

3.   Medical examination: A medical examination can be used to determine the physical fitness of the domestic help or driver and assess any health risks they may pose.

4.   Social media check: This involves searching for and reviewing the individual's social media profiles to identify any red flags or concerning behavior.

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