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Managing Teams Can Be Hard. We Make It Easier

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning provide an excellent virtual onboarding experience to the employees.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused employers to switch up their hiring and onboarding practices. Technology is the cornerstone of virtual onboarding, and ensuring that adequate technology is available to all employees is essential. It is not important for all organizations to use all the technology that is available but choose it wisely to ensure that it adds value.


If a couple of years ago anybody asked for artificial intelligence-based virtual onboarding, most would probably think that the person would have seen too many sci-fi movies. But now this is reality and we are right at the center of it and are providing an awesome solution for virtual onboarding.

Aspects of Onboarding

The five most important aspects of onboarding are compliance, clarification, culture, connection, and check back. QUIN AI covers all this while including Artificial Intelligence to interact with the employee.

Team Meeting
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Machine Learning and AI

Scan/upload pictures of your documents and you sit back and relax let Artificial Intelligence and machine learning fill those lengthy details for you. Just go through the documents once use a physical or digital signature and share it with HR.

High employee user Onboarding experience

Documentations take a long time and chances of errors while filling various forms are high. QuinAI reduces the time taken by 90% thereby improving the employee onboarding experience while ensuring a near 100 % accuracy. Quinfy’s AI based onboarding solutions help you optimise and automate the entire employee onboarding journey while reducing the turnaround time, limiting costly manual errors and significantly increasing efficiency So if you are looking for a long term partnership with a background screening company you can rely on.

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