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Blockchain is used for identity verification by creating a tamper-proof digital record of an
employee's personal information

Quin Plus

Background Verification is one of the first few experiences an employee faces during joining any organization. An excellent experience improves the productivity rate as well as creates a sense of comfort for the employee joining the organization.  A thorough background process also gives the employee a feeling of comfort and trust in the organization.

Key requirements of  a Background verification solution are that It should be simple yet agile,  It should be fast, It should support  genuine verifications only, Should give you full control of the process, High security for individual data. QuinPlus checks all the boxes and provides you a solution with the best user experience.


Flexibility & User Experience

All background verification products are targeted at employee experience for a change we have targeted the actual users that is you. Our product is extremely user-friendly for HR/TMG/HRSS and can be digitally connected to any ATS/HRMS system anytime.

Software Programmer

Agile Solutions for everyone

One more secret, we even don’t need a demo for onboarding a new client. Watch a 5 mins Video and you are ready to start and you always have our awesome Quinfy team to support you. Upload a single verification or thousands of verifications in a matter of seconds. it is fun to try it.

Analysing data

Compliance & Control of Data

All the reports are available to you at a click of a button, during audits you don’t need to reach out to us or search your folders. You can simply log in and download all the reports that you want at any time of the day. You can also know the exact real-time status of the verification at any given time

Review job applicants to ensure everyone's safety 

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