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Why Quinfy

Quinfy offers a unique approach to employee onboarding & background verification by prioritizing the employee experience. The custom designed solutions focus on employee & aim to streamline the onboarding process, reducing the time for new hires to be productive.

Excellent Virtual Onboarding


QuinAI is a solution that uses artificial intelligence to solve your onboarding problems and gives your employees an excellent virtual onboarding experience. 

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Reduces Verification Time


Quin+ is a SAAS solution for all organization to share/view/download the real-time live status of background verification of your employees.


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Blockchain Based Verification


QuinBlock is a private Blockchain Product that is designed for easy use by the Students, job seekers, Gig workers & other candidates to create their profiles.

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Our Happy Clients

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Working with the Quinfy Team has been a good experience for my team and me. The response rate that I get from Aashish and Team is great. For them customer relationship is the main motto. There have been instances where they have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure our needs are met. Integrity is the main key for this profile and they do not compromise on the same.Wishing the Quinfy Team all the best

Tony Joseph,  Associate VP - Human Resources

Key Factors that Make Quinfy the Best Background Verification Company.

Quinfy has been listed amongst the Top 10 Background Verification companies in India by Silicon India. Transforming the Background screening space has been the raison d'être and the vision behind QUINFY. Our disruptive and innovative digital screening solutions are helping employers automate and manage employee life cycles more efficiently and create trust at workplace. We believe in bringing our values to work. Honouring our commitments and delivering on our promises forms the core of our organisational ethos. ​ Quinfy's comprehensive background verification solution typically includes a variety of checks to ensure that the individual being vetted is suitable for the role they are applying for. Some common checks that may be included in a background verification solution are: Criminal background check: This involves searching for any criminal records or history of criminal activity. ID verification: This checks that the individual is who they say they are, and that their identification documents are legitimate. Address verification: This confirms that the individual has lived at the addresses they have provided. Employment verification: This confirms the individual's past employment history and their job titles, to make sure that their experience and qualifications match their claims. Educational verification: This confirms the individual's educational qualifications and certifications. Reference check: This involves contacting previous employers or other individuals who can provide information about the individual's work history and behavior. Drug testing: some companies will conduct drug testing to ensure that their employees are not under the influence of any illegal substances. It's important to note that not all background verification solutions will include all of these checks, and some companies may offer additional checks that are specific to certain industries. It's always best to check with the company and ask what checks they offer to ensure that the solution meets your needs.

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