Transport Security Screening Solutions

Safeguard journeys, prioritize customer safety with thorough background checks, ensuring secure and trustworthy travel experiences


Secure Journeys, Trustworthy Travels Ahead

ensure your customers embark on worry-free journeys with our rigorous background verification, we help you prioritize customer safety for a secure and trusted travel experience

Thorough Screening Process

Quinfy employs a comprehensive background verification system, meticulously vetting drivers document to ensure they meet stringent safety criteria.

Faster Monitoring

We prioritize monitoring of drivers criminal records, we ensure that drivers criminal records are validated and reports submitted in 2-6 hours flat to ensure compliance.

Data Security Measures

Quinfy employs state-of-the-art data security protocols, safeguarding customer information and ensuring the utmost privacy and protection in the verification process.

Enhanced Safety Assurance

Quinfy's rigorous background checks result in a safer transport environment, instilling confidence in passengers and fostering trust in the service.

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Driver Reliability

Through meticulous screening, Quinfy ensures that only reliable and trustworthy drivers are part of the transport network, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Timely Service and Efficiency

By streamlining the background verification process, Quinfy facilitates quicker onboarding of qualified drivers, ensuring timely and efficient service for customers.

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Transparency and Accountability

:Quinfy's commitment to transparency in background checks builds accountability, assuring the public that every driver undergoes thorough vetting, promoting trust in the transport and cab industry.

10 + Background Checks For
Building a Trusted Workforce

Aadhaar Check

We verify the adhaar of the candidate for autheticity

Criminal Check

We verify the crime done by the individual

Address Check

We verify the current address of the person

Drug Panel Check

We verify drug taking habits of employee

Education Check

We verify educational qualifications

Employment Check

We verify previous employmeny history of individual

Global Database Check

We verify the gobal data records of the person

Pan Card Check

We verify the pan of the person

Financial Check

We verify financial credit worthiness of tenants

Passport Check

We verify the authenticity of passport

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