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Correct, accurate BGV for real estate employees ensures industry growth and security, fostering a thriving, reliable environment.


Quinfy: Elevating Trust in Real Estate

Quinfy’s impact on real estate is profound, ensuring accurate background verifications that foster trust, growth, and a secure industry environment.

Trustworthiness and Integrity

Background verification ensures that employees in the real estate industry have a trustworthy and honest history, promoting a culture of integrity.

Compliance with Regulations

Adherence to industry-specific regulations through background checks helps maintain compliance, reducing legal risks and ensuring a secure work environment.

Client and Public Confidence

Thorough screenings establish a reliable workforce, enhancing confidence among clients and the public, vital for success in real estate transactions and business relationships

Industry Awareness

Quinfy is changing the landscape by increasing industry awareness about the critical importance of background verification in maintaining trust and integrity within the real estate sector.

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Extensive Real Estate Experience

Leveraging its substantial experience in the real estate industry, Quinfy brings a nuanced understanding of the specific requirements and challenges associated with background verification in this sector.

Rapid Verification Processes

Quinfy is transforming the landscape by providing swift and efficient verification processes, minimizing delays in hiring and fostering a dynamic and responsive environment in the fast-paced real estate industry.

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Innovative Technology Integration

The use of advanced technology, such as automated SAAS solutions, by Quinfy is reshaping the background verification landscape in real estate, introducing efficiency, accuracy, and a seamless experience for clients and professionals alike.

10 + Background Checks For
Building a Trusted Workforce

Aadhaar Check

We verify the adhaar of the candidate for autheticity

Criminal Check

We verify the crime done by the individual

Address Check

We verify the current address of the person

Drug Panel Check

We verify drug taking habits of employee

Education Check

We verify educational qualifications

Employment Check

We verify previous employmeny history of individual

Global Database Check

We verify the gobal data records of the person

Pan Card Check

We verify the pan of the person

Financial Check

We verify financial credit worthiness of tenants

Passport Check

We verify the authenticity of passport

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