Tenant Verification

Streamline your gig worker onboarding process and hire the best talent for your business.

Tenant Background Verification company in India

Easy Verifications for Tenants

To revolutionize the background verification and on boarding process by providing innovative and reliable HR technology solutions that streamline the hiring process for employers and ensure the privacy and security of candidate information.

Faster Verification

No more delays in gig worker verifications. Authenticate your gig workers in record time with our instant verification APIs that integrate into your application.

Eliminate Fraud

Identify impersonation or other identity theft risk with extensive database and real-time checks to mitigate any reputational risks.

Verification Flow

End-to-end automation of your gig-worker verification. From assisted documented collection to verification — onboard and verify your workforce faster.

Fast Screening Process

Step 1

Share your verification requirements with us.

Step 2

Define the scope with customized checks for every stage.

Step 3

Define risk matrix based on employee type and nature of business

Step 4

We recommend the list of verification checks based on business requirements

Say goodbye to lengthy onboarding process

Don’t let the screening process be a bottleneck. Automate your worker onboarding process with our one-stop solution. Enable workers to onboard themselves in minutes, while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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Resolve 90% of Verifications in Real-Time

Leverage the powerful combination of instant verification APIs with the expansive field force to complete majority of your gig worker authentications in real time.

Consolidated View of your Gig Worker Operations

Have complete visibility of the status of each gig worker’s verification status. Know how many cases have been initiated or yet to be initiated, how many verifications are ongoing and the details of all the completed cases on a single screen.

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Easily Integrate Checks in Your Onboarding Journeys

Onboard workers anytime, anywhere with our custom integrations. No need to break your onboarding journeys or deploy multiple systems and processes. We integrate with your existing systems and applications to prove a smooth and effective onboarding experience for the gig workers.

Tenant Verification Checks

Aadhaar Check

We verify the adhaar of the candidate for autheticity

Criminal Check

We verify the crime done by the tenants

Current Address Check

We verify the current address of tenants

Financial Check

We verify financial credit worthiness of tenants

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