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Trust in the workplace means employees enjoy a culture of clarity, commitment, consistency, Safety, Security, honesty, empathy, and mutual respect. We partner with organizations in their commitment of creating a culture of trust. Cutting edge background screening solutions designed to elevate your business. Invest in technology enabled solutions, uncompromised data security, full compliance and cost effective services .

Our Journey


  • Conceptualized

  • Tech Architecture


  • Planning

  • Incorporated in India

  • Private Blockchain Deployed

  • QuinPlus Design Stage


  • QuinPlus Launched

  • Crossed 2000 Instances of verification per month

  • International Verifications  Commenced


  • Crossed 10000 Instances of verification per month

  • Quin AI Launched

  • Incorporated Quinfy Inc in Delaware USA


  • Launched Virtual Onboarding Platform.

  • Moved Quinfy Inc from Delaware to Wyoming.

  • Commenced operations Quinfy USA

Quinfy was conceptualized as a global platform to verify digital identities though stored, verified, and validated data from trusted sources.


We are committed to support make in India program and make it a global success. We have been supporting a lot of start-ups in their background verification requirements by providing them state of art quality solutions.


Since incorporation in August 2019 and have been working with various B2B clients. We raised the first commercial invoice in the month of February 2020 and carry out more than 10000 instances of verification per month.

Modern Office
Business Consultation

The true cost of a bad hire is more than you might think.Not only will the bad hire affect team morale and stress but it may negatively impact the customer turnover rate. A bad hire also has hidden costs such as time and management. This workplace disruption results in wasted time and energy with consistent people management.

A bad hire has substantial monetary cost. An employee is paid a salary, benefits and more, which can be a substantial amount. Companies end up wasting a significant amount of resources with every bad hire. A reliable and efficient background screening partner can help you hire safe by verifying and validating all relevant details so that you don't have to let go of your hire later.QUINFY helps mitigate the risk of negligent hiring claims and other liabilities that can result from employee misconduct cases.
Screen safer and hire better with QUINFY !!!

Facts About Us

We are a NASSCOM 10000 incubated Startup

 We are ISO 9001:2008



We are

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified


We are a Startup recognized by the Government of India (DIPP48554)


We are a registered MSME

Unite in Numbers 


Countries we verify across the globe


Instances of verifications per month


Associates supporting us in our journey


Documents transaction per day

Meet the Team

Colleagues at Work

With the Right Platform, Everything is possible

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