All about Background Verification:

Background verification as a process, has existed for quite a substantial time period. There are some countries in which the process has matured as the data is available online and the government has large and huge databases which help agencies carry out total online background verifications. There are some other countries where digitalization has started and their governments are trying to ensure that online databases are available for the proper conduct of background verification. With Block chain, the best background verification companies will take advantage of the fact that its usage will not only ensure a faster turnaround time but will also ensure a high level of security of the data.

New Technologies In Background verification process:

There are numerous companies that have started using Blockchain for smart contracts and financial purposes. Some of the logistics companies have also developed software to support their operations.

QUINFY is creating a niche program around the usage of background verification through Blockchain . Keeping up with the latest technology trends, the government of India is also creating a Blockchain policy and ensuring the world that most of its database will be made available on Blockchain which will help in getting a faster turnaround time and efficiency along with fool proof security of data. Since QUINFY has the first movers advantage, their product will be mature and stable by the time companies who carry out background verification are ready to accept blockchain.

What has changed is the usage of technology and ensuring the data which is secure data, should not be shared with unknown people and should not be available for misuse. We at QUINFY are trying to create a niche for ourselves by ensuring a high level of personal data security, reducing the turnaround time for the end to end process of background verification, supporting the HR, and reducing the involvement of HR in background checksto ensure they get sufficient free time to concentrate on their core activity. The best background verification process is what QUINFY is proud to have. The clients have given their testimonials and are very happy with the speed of the process since it becomes very easy for the entire background verification process . This competitive and technological edge is the prime reason that QUINFY is being rated as one of the best background verification companies in India and across the globe.

Quinfy’s global background verification process supports MNCs across the globe and ensures that the process is streamlined and similar across various countries. This also brings consistency in the process which helps in faster onboarding and understanding of the process.

Background Verification:
Change in Background Verifications post-Covid

With the current changing scenario post-Covid, the workplace concept is changing rapidly. With this revolutionary change in workplace concept, the background verification requirements are also evolving. We have noticed and observed that post the increase in work from home concept, the background verifications are becoming necessary as the employees have to be trusted to own the company infrastructure and equipment. Certain elements within background verifications have gained a lot of popularity for background verifications to be conducted across organizations for all the employees. Some of the best background verification companies also have a very streamlined background verification process in which they carry out intermittent background verifications for existing as well as new employees. Before the Covid scenario, it was limited to certain MNCs, healthcare, banks, financial and micro-financial companies that carried out the background verification but now with the change in the concept of the workplace, all verticals and industries have started carrying out detailed employee background verifications.

Latest trends amongst the Best background verification companies.

Separating the fraudulent candidates from the right candidates is a very important aspect for all organizations and the talent acquisition department pays a huge amount of importance to ensure that all the candidates that are being interviewed or selected are genuine and have not quoted any wrong experience/education and any other information that is given in the resume is correct. But still, there are a lot of candidate resumes in which some information is falsified which needs to be checked and verified at the correct stage else it may lead to embarrassment/financial loss for any organization. The latest trends followed by the best background verification companies are to ensure that the process is short and has a hundred percent validation of the verification that is happening. All verification is supported through written documents and the data/personal data is not misused as there are a lot of third-party vendors that are involved. The use of the latest technology and online databases supports the best background verification companies to speeden up the background verification process.

The Future of Background Verification

QUINFY is one of the best background verification companies with a firm eye on the future and is trying to create a concept where the responsibility of background verification should pass on from the employer to the employee. The employee must share a validated profile with the employers so that the employees do not waste time in getting the verification done post-employment and thus it ensures a faster onboarding of talent especially now with the scenario wherein the gig workforce is going to be a very important part of the workplace. this will not only ensure that the talent acquisition department has to spend less time on the process of the background verification and more time on the core activity to ensure that the correct talent gets onboarded on time. The models that the future background verification companies will adopt will be B2C, B2B, as well as B2B2C. QUINFY has come up with a novel and niche platform that provides all the solutions in one place.