Reignite Your HR Career through certification

In the last 6 months, I’ve received many calls and emails from friends in HR about the value of HR Certifications in turning around careers and sustaining a steady growth.

As this is an important theme for all of us in HR, I thought I should share a few of my own ideas on it. Re-igniting an HR career is a big thread and has enough of a critical mass to demand a series of articles. While I’m planning them, I felt I should start off by thinking aloud and share some first thoughts here.

Thought 1: Irrespective of where we live and want to work, the investment of time and money in an HR certification perhaps will always be good.

Thought 2: If we want to work in a global organization or a large company in emerging nations, HR certifications seem to have become almost decisively important in the last 3-5 years. In developed markets like US almost all the HR professionals have multiple HR Certifications from bodies like HRCI, SHRM and TMI besides their undergrad and Masters qualifications.

Reignite Your HR Career through certification

Thought 3: If we are in countries like India, Singapore, China and others in Asia, a TMP, STMP or a GTML certification from TMI should work best for us. Additionally, we can think of acquiring PHRi & SPHRi if we have 4-10 years of experience.

Thought 4: If we work in UK, Europe, GCC or other African countries, perhaps a CIPD certification should be combined with one of the Talent Management Certifications, depending on your career level.

Thought 5: If we are into HR or People Strategy consulting, we must ideally have all the above certifications besides of course, a good HR/Management degree.

Keep your thoughts and ideas coming on this. I’ll be happy to see them build the articles I’m planning.